Our Story

Unique travel experience

Kalos irthate*!

My name is Yannis and my dream is to create accommodation that will help tourists like yourselves experience Greek hospitality and the Greek way of life to its fullest, all the while exploring the beautiful and exciting things my country has to offer.

Both I and my colleagues at Mototravel travel agency are happy to provide you with a plethora of exclusive services, such as transfers for your arrival and/or departure, excursions around Athens, private tours, etc. or fulfill any other request you might have. After all, what better way to start your holiday in Greece than spending a few days in Athens, the cradle of modern civilization and democracy, a vibrant city where the old meets the new in the most intriguing way?

YANNIS APARTMENTS is the culmination of decades-long know how in the hospitality industry with the objective of offering guests a unique travel adventure or philoxenia as we Greeks like to call it.

We love spending time to know each and every guest personally and offer services that will make you feel welcome, comfortable, happy and relaxed.

I hope to greet you soon in person during your next visit to Greece!


Zeta Kourgitakou

Minos Nevradakis